Individual assistance around your relocation to Berlin!

You’re an English speaker and have difficulties navigating the German language? I can help!

You, your family or your business is planning a move to Germany and you need a hand with administrative as well as with other language-related concerns?

Whether prior to your move or while settling in, I can offer you comprehensive and concrete support tailored to your personal needs, and can insure your transition is as smooth as possible.

Don’t worry about language barriers and administrative nightmares

I will guide you through the maze of German bureaucracy from the registration office to the tax office, from real estate agents to schools and universities. Have questions about child subsidies or aspects of health insurance, life insurance or insurance coverage in general? Need to open a bank account? Have your car registered? How about translations of pertinent documents? I’ve got you covered.

With my help, you can begin your life in Berlin with a fresh start and don’t have to worry about the hassles of paper work. That way you can concentrate on what really matters: your family and your career.

Gordian Heindrichs, un partenaire fiable. Votre coach interculturel

A reliable partner

I’ve been living and working in a multicultural – specifically, in a German-French – environment for many years and am sure my knowledge and experience can be of service to you while you’re getting your bearings in Germany.

Give me a call or use the contact form to get in touch. I look forward to hearing from you so I can offer my expertise, tailored to your individual situation and needs!


My services encompass an array as varied as your personal needs. Following an initial analysis of your situation, we will then together devise a strategy that best suits your needs and expectations. Our first meeting can be in person, on the telephone or via email. Prices are on a sliding scale and can be adjusted to fit any budget – whether you’re a career professional or a student.

What better way to insure your start in Germany goes as smoothly as possible! 

Here are several examples of the services I can provide:

…prior to your move

  • Insider knowledge of Berlin’s various neighborhoods and their corresponding strengths and weaknesses
  • Assistance in apartment hunting
  • Help in finding daycare for your children
  • Guidance in choosing the right school
  • Assistance registering at colleges and universities

…when you arrive

  • I can accompany you to the „Citizens’ Center” (Bürgeramt) for registration.
  • I can go with you to the Foreigners Registration Office.
  • I can help you choose from, as well as register with the various utility companies (electricity, natural gas, water, telephone, internet …).
  • I can assist filling out the numerous administrative forms.
  • I can help with membership applications, e.g. schools, clubs, associations.
  • I can help you apply for federal family and child subsidies.
  • I can assist in choosing the right insurance company (health, personal liability as well as other types of insurance).
  • I can help open a bank account.
  • I can provide assistance when registering your vehicle.
  • I can offer guidance when having your driver’s license transferred.
  • I can help you register for the mandatory „environmental emissions sticker”.
  • I can help you register for a resident’s parking permit.

…while in Berlin

  • I can provide various translation services.
  • I can accompany you to meetings and interpret as your needs arise.
  • I can recommend accountants.
  • I can advise on tax matters (personal income as well as freelancers).
  • I can refer English-speaking lawyers.
  • I can provide referrals for home repairs (carpenters, plumbers etc.).
  • I can review pending contracts prior to signature.
  • I can recommend babysitters.

…when moving from Berlin

  • I will assist in all relevant administrative affairs and formalities.
  • I can help facilitate terminating contracts (rental agreements, gas, water, electricity, telecommunications).
  • I can help cancel membership contracts (clubs, gyms, etc.) as well as subscriptions (newspapers, magazines, etc.).
  • I can make sure your official status as a resident of Berlin is terminated as required by law.
  • I can handle the negotiations as well as be on site when keys for rental properties are handed over.

Whether for of a couple of hours or several days, I can guide you through all necessary formalities in dealing with various administrative concerns – either as an assistant or as your proxy. It’s my job to help you maneuver successfully through this process.

Don’t hesitate to contact me by phone or email for a non-binding consultation, free of charge.